Top Three Most Bacteria Infested Public Transit Systems!

Top Three Most Bacteria Infested Public Transit Systems!

Top Three Most Bacteria Infested Public Transit Systems!

  • On October 30, 2019

Public transportation can be convenient. It can also be gross. Check out our list of the three most commonly used transportation systems and where the germs are lurking on them!


Given their location underground, subways are a breeding ground for bacteria and harmful germs. A study done by Travel Math found that the subways in New York City had around 2 million CFU. There are multiple surfaces, like plastic hand rails and the plastic grab handles, that need to be wiped down with a Disinfectant Wipe multiple times a day!



Taxis are used daily by millions of people. A study done by NetQuote found that the seat belts in taxis have the most bacteria on them, with up to 26,000 CFU being found (a toilet seat has just around 170 CFU). The door handle and the window operation buttons where the next most contaminated. Taxi companies should take more care in ensuring their customers are riding in properly disinfected vehicles.

Taxi Cab

Bus Transportation

The benches at bus stops rarely get cleaned, if ever. The Dirties Cities Index found that benches can have bacteria on them that are the same as those found in sewage. This is because the stagnant water that sits on them quite often breeds non-fermenting gram negative rods, the same type found in sewage water. These types of bacteria can cause infections if they come into contact with an open wound!

Public Bus

We’ve included a couple areas of special interest that are usually in all forms of transit that you can be especially mindful of the next time you use any public transportation.
  • Most of the bacteria found on these surfaces is NOT harmful!
  • Depends on the materiel used, silver has antimicrobial properties, and stainless steel despite not being as good, can also have microbial properties.
  • Anything that has texture however is subject to buildup of dirt and grime, which can increase the number of bacteria on the surface. And remember it is better to be safe then sorry. Always disinfect high touch surfaces.
  • Fabric seats specifically as there is more for bacteria to cling onto and grow around.
  • According to research done by Zipjet Dirty Cities Index, taxis are the worst for carrying bacteria associated with e-coli, salmonella, and fecal matter on their seats.


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