What does a sick day mean to your business?

What does a sick day mean to your business?

What does a sick day mean to your business?

  • On May 8, 2018
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Tom calls in to work sick. what is the real impact on your business? Well, that depends on several factors. What position is Tom in – What is Tom’s salary – How much does one day of lost productivity from Tom cost? Let’s break this down, say Tom works in sales. Tom’s salary is $40,000 yearly plus commission. $40,000/252 working days means that Toms lost day of salary costs you as a business approximately $194. Now, say that Tom is rather good at his job and he sells on average, $5,000 worth of product a day with a 30% margin. This means that Tom’s single sick day has at the very least, an impact of $1694.00 on your business. I bet that was an eye-opener.

Employee taking a sick day

We often get calls from businesses that have waited too long, and the flu has spread throughout their office faster than a forest fire on the west coast. Now putting in a disinfection solution before this happens again is great, however, being proactive is often the best solution to ensure that you reduce the impact that a breakout such as influenza can have on your business. By using disinfecting wipes to clean high traffic surfaces that often get overlooked or neglected, you can minimize the impact of illness in the workplace. Wipe down the bathroom door handles, the water cooler handles, shared workspaces and the handle on the staff fridge in the lunchroom to name a few places. By proactively taking steps to disinfect these high traffic touch points that are the breeding grounds for disaster, you will find employees will be getting sick less and your bottom line will become much healthier.

 Office lunch room

What if I told you that you could reduce the number of days that people like Tom call in sick? Would it be worth spending $500 on a solution such as disinfecting wipes in a month if one employee like Tom could avoid being sick? It really should be a no-brainer. Sick days often get swept aside as more of a nuisance than anything, but the impact one sick day has on your business can be massive. From someone who flips burgers at your local fast food restaurant to the executive of a fortune 500 company, everyone catches a bug now and then and sometimes it is unavoidable. What if you could reduce the chances of getting the flu or that nasty head cold that Cheryl in the next office has from being in your workplace? Would you invest in your employees well being if it meant an increase in your bottom line?

Water cooler in a businesses kitchen or break room area


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