What Is An Outbreak And How To Avoid It?

What Is An Outbreak And How To Avoid It?

What Is An Outbreak And How To Avoid It?

  • On October 14, 2020

Covid -19 outbreaks anywhere are a huge challenge. They drive fear and uncertainty for the community plus the healthcare system. Recently, a well-respected university near the Roxton Industries corporate office declared an outbreak in one of their student residences. The outbreak story was covered by all the major news media outlets in the Region.

It imperative to understand what is meant by “an outbreak was declared” before piling up the anxiety.  In the community, an outbreak is declared when two or more individuals test positive and where transmission likely occurred during an event or from the same exposure in the community during a specified time period. It is also important to understand that the declaration of a COVID-19 outbreak is primarily used by Public Health to coordinate a response to the infection. It is not necessarily an indicator of risk to the public.

Maintaining disinfection practices in shared premises such as a student resident can be difficult due to several reasons. However, if the practices are followed up with health safety protocols an outbreak can be avoided. We highly encourage students and the community to wear a mask when physical distancing is not possible, wash hands your hands for at least 25 seconds, and follow a disinfection routine. For more guidance you can read our blog about forming a disinfecting routine.

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