Who is looking out for your Health and Safety?

Who is looking out for your Health and Safety?

Who is looking out for your Health and Safety?

  • On October 29, 2018

By Jamie Pritchard

I am sure whoever you work for is very concerned about Health and Safety – all companies are, and most of them are for the right reasons. Most companies just plain care about their employees well being and want to be sure that no one gets hurt or injured on the job. Companies realize if you slip and fall and break your leg you may have downtime which costs both the company and the employee money. Oh, the ones that don’t care, or let’s just say don’t care as much? There is government legislation to make them care!

So, your company probably has a health and safety officer, or at least a health and safety committee to ensure your company is a safe place to work and to recommend safeguards to ensure it. I encourage all people to get involved in this program as your well being is being discussed in these meetings. I suggest that you participate, attend, and ask questions. When you do you will find they cover anything and everything that can be an accident waiting to happen. Some of the more advanced programs even delve into mental health awareness.

What you are going to find is most lack any mention or programs to even discuss disease, germ, and bacterial controls. This is where you really need to start to ask questions as colds, flu, germs, and most bacteria are spread by coming into contact with coworkers. Not actually touching a co-worker but by touching what they touch – the photocopier, computers, the coffee pot, the toaster, the kitchen counter and sink. And then there is the bathroom – an area filled with scary things. Why does all of this get transferred at alarming rates? Many people don’t wash their hands. Companies don’t have disinfectant and cleanliness policies. Simply put these are dangers that you can’t see, so they get forgotten.

Take action, be a germ-fighting ambassador and help yourself be healthier and at the same time, you will be helping your coworkers and your company too. Push for mandatory handwashing policies. Encourage your company to purchase disinfectant wipes for the common areas such as the kitchens and bathrooms. Make sure you wipe down the computer before and after you use them. All things you can do and if your company won’t get involved set an example by carrying your own disinfectant wipes and wipe every common item you touch before you use it. Trust me others will ask questions and get involved.

Stay germ-free, stay safe!

Jamie Pritchard is President of Roxton Industries – All things clean!


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