Are Foggers Right for Your Gym?


Are Foggers Right for Your Gym?

  • On February 17, 2021

Do you ever get tired of trying to clean those hard to reach tiny spaces in your gym? Are your tired of how time consuming it is to constantly disinfect your machines? Do you hate hate how much you spend keeping your gym clean and disinfected? Well, if you said yes to one or more of the above foggers are perfect for your gym.

Why does your gym need a fogger?
There are 3 main reasons:

  1. Saves Time
  2. Saves Money as Time is Money!
  3. Convenient – disinfecting gets much easier.

Disinfectant spray Foggers WILL save you time  compared to using using spray bottle solutions or wipes alone. Spray bottles are slow, cause overspray and are ineficent as most of the germ fighting action gets wiped of and ends up on the cloth or paper towel. Wipe the best solution for your gym members to use but are time consuming for staff to clean a gym from top to bottom. Using a fogger will take a matter of minutes  to disinfect your entire gym and can get those hard-to-reach spaces quicker and more efficiently.

Foggers will save you money, and yes there is the initial investment of the hardware but it is a one-time cost! The fogging unit itself can last years when maintained properly, and the only recurring cost is the Disinfectant which is true in any disinfecting method. Fogging is actually cheaper than using just spray bottle disinfectants/wipes as the fogger destributes the particles in the most efficent manner. This combined with the time savings will translate into cost savings. We suggest to use a combination of wipes and foggers to optimize your disinfecting routines at your business.

Foggers are more convenient as they require no setup, formal training, and are extremely simple to use. All you need to do is fill the tanks with disinfecting solution and plug the unit. We put the power of disinfection services into your hands.

Foggers are efficient and easy because they distribute disinfectants through a spray. This provides the ability to reach those tough small areas in your gym. As well as efficiently cleaning your machines thoroughly. It is important to properly disinfect your gym as customers may be working out 24/7. Foggers give you the ability to clean machines, surfaces, and hard to reach areas. Plus, the disinfectant works to clean the air at the same time.

Meet some of the Roxton foggers: 

The Minion Fogger:

This product is amazing because it is cordless with an extra rechargeable battery pack. The use of batteries gives you the freedom to operate without the restriction of the cords. The ability to maneuver freely is important to effectively and efficiently disinfect all areas in your gym. The Minion Fogger sprays disinfectant in a form of a fog which allows it to reach all surfaces, even surfaces that cannot be reached.

The Heavy-Duty Fogger:

If you need to disinfect your space up to 2400 square feet, this product is perfect for your gym! Its larger tank size and long cord give you the freedom to keep on fogging without stopping to fill up the tank with more disinfectant.

This is another great product from our fogger family because it is reliable to disinfect spaces within your gyms. The Ultra-Light Volume (ULV) Cold Fogger is very effective in the application of disinfectant or mildew control products. It easily spreads solution up to 10 meters. Gym equipment is constantly being used throughout the day thus it is important to get a fogger that efficiently cleans and disinfects the areas quickly without interrupting your membership

This product provides a high volume of air which produces an even supply of solution to a multitude of surfaces. The ULV foggers are perfect for larger spaces, including outdoor use. For many gyms that may have an outside component, such as a basketball net or outdoor equipment this product is for you! An adjustable output is included to determine the amount of solution you would like to distribute to the specific area.

The Nano Fogger: 

This fogger will help you save time and money while disinfecting your gym for your members. This product produces a dry fog making which is perfect for areas of your gym! This reduces the time and labour of having to clean every machine after every customer. The nano fogger is a sleek, and efficient asset to your gym!

The Nano is a dry fogger which makes it perfect for the gym and for using in your office around your computers, keyboards, printers, mice, and cellphones as the dry fog does not leave any moisture on the surfaces it touches

It is important to have an efficient disinfectant system at your gym. Many customers are coming in and out and breathing heavily. Foggers are a great asset for your gym because it distributes a fast amount of solution to not only your machines but harder surfaces. All these of the foggers mentioned above are efficient enough to for those who want to reduce labour in disinfecting their gyms.


You are probably wondering what goes inside of this fogger?

Here at Roxton we are exciting to present two of our disinfecting solutions for our foggers!

  1. EnviroNize Anolyte Liquid Disinfectant

This product is a great liquid disinfectant because the active ingredient, Hypochlorous Acid, is made by our white blood cells to fight infection, making it a naturally occurring disinfectant. It is also fully biodegradable, meaning it is non-harmful to humans, plants, animals or marine life. EnviroNize effectively controls a broad spectrum of harmful pathogens.

HOCL has been shown to be 100 times more effective than cleaning with bleach and sanitizes greater than 99.99% of bacteria, germs and more harmful pathogens. Individuals are constantly breathing heavy and touching the equipment, therefore having an effective disinfectant will be a prominent factor to keep the gym disinfected. As well as this product is authorized for sale in Canada by Health Canada with DIN #02410605. Keeping your equipment and gym constantly disinfected with this liquid through a fogger can be efficient and effective for yourself, gym and customers.

  1. Concrobium Broad Spectrum Disinfectant

This product is authorized for sale in Canada by Health Canada , registered with DIN #02483882. It is made from a proprietary blend of plant extracts and essential oils. It is amazing because it is approved to “be effective and may be used against SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19”. It is prominent to get a disinfectant liquid that will disinfect various parts of your gym.

The benefits of this product are that you do not need any PPE while using this product. This solution is able to foam when applied by a foaming sprayed which improves the adherence of the disinfectant to vertical surfaces. Concrobium is able to sanitize hard surfaces in 30 seconds, which is amazing for gym and its equipment. You may be asking what is the odor of these liquids? Luckily it controls odours while also leaving a pleasant fragrance. Customers will be pleased by the odor instead of drowning in the disinfectant scent.

Are Foggers Worth It?

Most importantly – are your members worth it? Of course, they are! This is because not only do foggers save you time and money, but they help gain trust with your members. Taking these steps to create a safe environment assures your members that you care about their health and wellbeing. Therefore, IT IS SO WORTH IT because it makes your customers happy and keeps your gym a safe space.

Roxton encourages you to purchase a fogger because it is an efficient product to distribute disinfectant through the equipment’s, surfaces and hard areas to reach. We have discussed our top three foggers for you to choose and decide which fits your gym perfectly.

It can be extremely challenging to disinfect a gym because there are so many high touch points and areas of high traffic. The workout machines and equipment have different surfaces plus some might have stands or handles and disinfecting them would be a labor-intensive job.

The good part is that Roxton Industries has solutions that can make gyms a safer place. We highly recommend that gym-owners should invest in a fogger which with the help of a disinfectant liquid creates a disinfecting fog. Our recommendation for gym owners would be to try out our Heavy Duty ULV fogger.

So in conclusion, it is really a no-brainer for your gym to be using foggers. They are by far the most simple and effective method of disinfecting out there right now. If you are still stuck wondering if a fogger is right for you, please reach out to us. We are happy to have a conversation about why a fogger would change your disinfecting game for the better.

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