Why upgrade to an N95 Mask?

Why upgrade to an N95 Mask?

  • On January 12, 2022
  • Cloth Masks, COVID-19, N95 Masks, PPE

There has been a massive debate regarding mask mandates, whether cloth or N95 masks can reduce the spread of the coronavirus throughout the pandemic. This article will outline why the N95 masks are more effective and why you should upgrade from a cloth mask.

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Throughout the beginning of the pandemic, it was encouraged to wear cloth masks, that cloth masks were fine for preventing the spread. Now that it is January 2022, variants are introduced (Delta and Omicron) and making their way to us. Now, it is advised we level up the quality of masks being worn to provide more excellent protection. The evolution of the virus has caused concerns among people, and the science behind the virus is ever-evolving.


The coronavirus primarily spreads through particles in the air called “aerosols” that can be inhaled through the mouth or nose if not filtered with the proper materials. The air we breathe in is just as important as washing our hands or drinking water. That’s why the type of mask worn is crucial for everyone’s well-being. To stop the airborne particles from entering your system, a good material like melt-blown polypropylene can be found in surgical masks like the N95 masks, but not cloth masks. The N95 masks are designed to offer more protection than cloth and medical masks as they filter out both small and large droplets. On the other hand, cloth masks are designed with woven thread and other materials to protect from larger droplets that can provide users with some sort of covering, yet not the best mask to prevent the spread of COVID. Surgical masks are proven to be more than twice as effective as cloth masks for filtering out particles. Therefore, cloth masks are now seen as a “backup” in case one doesn’t have them or doesn’t own an N95 because a mask is better than no mask, of course. Nonetheless, surgical masks should especially be required to be worn in crowded situations where maintaining social distance can be challenging (i.e. grocery stores, malls, planes, theatre, etc.).


Using cloth masks might be reusable and save you money instead of buying disposable masks. Although using the mask over and again not only holds germs but also doesn’t include those protective materials needed to stop the spread from keeping yourself and the people around you safe. That’s why Roxton encourages you to upgrade your cloth mask to the N95 masks today.


All of the above explain why masks, such as the N95 masks, are more effective than cloth masks.


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