Wipe Your Way Into 2021

Wipe Your Way Into 2021

Wipe Your Way Into 2021

  • On December 30, 2020

It’s December 31st – AND YOU ARE GOING INTO 2021 WITHOUT WIPES? We have you covered. 

Roxton Wipes

Roxton Wipes are available in rolls of 800 and fit perfectly in bucket dispensers, wall mounted dispensers, and the stainless steel dispensers we just got back in stock. Pre-saturated in an Ammonium Chloride solution, these best selling wipes are perfect for everyday use, but can hold up against tougher jobs as they are an industrial grade disinfectant wipe. 


These wipes are available in a 160 count bucket dispenser and contain the exact same solution as is in Roxton Wipes. On the list of disinfectants approved for use against COVID19, these wipes are used in hospitals as well as daycares. 

All Clean Natural Wipes

We currently carry 2 variations of All clean natural wipes. These Hydrogen Peroxide based wipes can be purchased as a 270 count small bucket dispenser or a 800 count roll (Available in cases AND with a bucket dispenser). Commonly used in the food and barrage industry. 

Fusion Alcohol Wipes 

These alcohol based wipes are made for use on hands, but they work well on most hard surfaces. These can be purchased as a single canister of 100 wipes, or a case of 6 canisters.


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