Wet Wipes Vs Spray and Paper Towels

Wet Wipes Vs Spray and Paper Towels

Wet Wipes Vs Spray and Paper Towels

  • On June 20, 2019
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Spray bottles can be very messy to apply your disinfectant. The spray can end up in places not intend it to in the form of over-spray or inaccuracy caused by partially clogged spray nozzles. Most seriously, blow back caused when the bottle is too close to your intended surface when you pull the trigger. This blow-back can end up on you, even in your eyes.

Wipes are more accurate as the disinfectant is directed where you want it to go. The wipe acts as an applicator leaving a thin layer of the germ-killing disinfectant on your intended target – no over-spray, no inaccuracy, no blow-back – wet wipes win.

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