Your car contains as many germs as your bathroom!

Your car contains as many germs as your bathroom!

Your car contains as many germs as your bathroom!

  • On November 14, 2018
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By Jamie Pritchard


Your car contains as many germs as your bathroom! What? Your car has many of the germs you would find on a toilet. Now think about how you clean your bathroom – is it a quick vacuum and a mist of air freshener – unfortunately, that is how most folks clean their cars. So, your car can be making you sick.

You will find germs everywhere in your car but let’s narrow it down to some “key” areas. Oh yes, the keys. Keys encounter your hands and that is where they pick up germs and if more than one-person shares keys the germs are passed back and forth. I bet no one out there cleans their keys – NO ONE!

Now that you have the car running there are a lot of things for you to touch – dials, buttons, knobs, the steering wheel, seat belts, mirrors, door handles and all the rest of the controls. Of course like the keys you touch these with your hands. People sneeze and cough in a car which is a very confined space and the germs you expel land on all the touch things in your car. You probably also take passengers with you so mix in their germs too. And if you share the car with others – yep you have their germs to deal with. If you are a driver of a public transportation vehicle then a pack of disinfectant wipes should be part of your getting ready to drive routine – wipe it down good.

Most people eat in a car and crumbs and other pieces of food can fall into nooks and crannies and start the germ and bacteria breeding process. Let’s not even think about what lies in an around a child’s car seat – we are talking pretty gross here. A good vacuum and a crevice tool can help you navigate the crumbs and it will also help the overall appearance too. Disinfectant wipes will keep the nasties at bay.

The air that you breathe in a car can harbour germs so it is a good idea to routinely roll down the windows and let the air flow through freely and blow out the bad. Also, have your cabin filter changed regularly or else it will trap germs and blow them right back at you and with a little heat and moisture you are sure to get hit by a bug or two.

Keep your machine lean and clean and free of germs. Enjoy the ride.

Jamie Pritchard is President of Roxton Industries – All things clean!


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