Why Roxton

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Serving Canada For Over 10 Years

Roxton has been serving Canada for over 10 years, providing businesses all over the country with access to disinfecting solutions that are tried, tested, and proven to work. Roxton works with various businesses including gyms, health clubs, offices, government installations, first responders, and many others to win the fight against germs. This diversity of customers gives us an understanding of the various market segments and their individual needs, which in turn allows us to better service their needs. It also strengthens our relationship with and our roots in the Kitchener Waterloo area.

As a cleaning products supplier, Roxton takes pride in not only supplying Canada with premium products, like disinfecting wipes, dispensers, PPE (personal protection equipment), disinfectants, and foggers, but we are also proud to have a customer service program that is second to none.

We pride ourselves on reacting to customers’ inquiries and concerns in a timely manner. We take every inquiry as an opportunity to make a point of contact and learn from each engagement how to tweak our program going forward.

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Ever-Expanding Product Lines

Our product lines are ever-expanding – if we see a need for an item, we fill it. More importantly, than thinking there is a need, we believe that part of having a stellar customer service program is listening to what our customers need.

This is because, at Roxton, our customers are not just clients; but an extension of our brand.

With our customer’s needs in mind, we can provide them with the products they want and request. We always search for products that are Proudly Made In Canada first to support our national economy and local community. Every item we carry is designed with the customer in mind ensuring a higher degree of disinfection. Schools, daycares, call centers, gyms, offices, hotels, hospitals, and every other customer category we service can find solutions in what we offer.

When required, we have the reach to search the world over and are set up as an import/export company with an experienced and well-connected procurement team. We have contacts that we can work with on multiple continents. The Roxton team will work diligently to find you a source for the product you are looking for. Your satisfaction with what we offer is our top priority.

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Industrial Chemicals Wholesaler

As an industrial chemicals wholesaler, we understand how important it is for our customers to confidently purchase disinfectants and other cleaning supplies knowing they will work well.

That is why we ensure our products have reputable backing from an organization responsible for the testing and approval of products like disinfectants.

We review hundreds of products and variations before we list something in the Roxton family of offerings. Due diligence is key in this process to ensure that we maintain our customers’ trust in us to give them the right product, for the right reason every time!


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