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Keeping Your Fleet Facility Clean and Safe with Roxton!

At Roxton Industries, we understand the vital importance of maintaining a pristine and hygienic environment across all modes of transportation. Whether you manage a fleet of buses, trains, trucks, or airplanes, our specialized cleaning solutions are designed to meet the rigorous demands of the transportation industry.

Why Choose Roxton Industries for Your Transportation Facility?

 At Roxton Industries, we are dedicated to helping you provide a safe and comfortable travel experience for all passengers.

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Comprehensive Surface Coverage

Our products are versatile and effective on various surfaces, including seats, handrails, windows, and dashboards. This ensures thorough cleanliness and hygiene throughout the vehicle.

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Industry Compliance and Safety

All our products meet the stringent safety and compliance standards required in the transportation industry, providing you with peace of mind and ensuring passenger safety.

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Fast-Acting & Quick-Drying Formulas

Minimize downtime with our fast-acting, quick-drying cleaning solutions. They work efficiently, allowing your vehicles to be back in service swiftly.

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Expert Support and Guidance

Our team of cleaning experts is always ready to provide support and guidance on best practices, helping you implement effective cleaning protocols tailored to your fleet’s needs.

Join the Roxton Family!

By partnering with Roxton Industries, you are choosing a reliable ally in  maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene in your transportation services.

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Fleet Management

Ideal for high-touch areas such as seats, armrests, and handles, ensuring they are germ-free and safe.

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Airplane & Public Transportation

Keep windows and mirrors spotless for clear visibility and a professional appearance.

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Logistics & Transportation Services

Perfect for quick, on-the-go clean-ups, providing convenience and efficiency.

Feel free to reach out for a customized fleet's cleanliness & safety consultation.

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