DIY Wipes

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Roxton has been in the cleaning supplies business for over ten years. There has always been a market for DIY in many industries and we are proud to lead the charge in making DIY disinfection easier with a growing line of do-it-yourself cleaning and disinfecting items!

Roxton Do it Yourself DIY wipes offer you the flexibility to create your own unique product. Ever wonder what’s in surface cleaners or hand wipes? Take back control over what you put on your skin or use in your home with our Roxton DIY hand or surface wipes.

You may ask why use a wipe and not just a spray and a dry cloth? When you spray and wipe with a dry cloth you are essentially immediately soaking up all of the liquid you just applied to the surface. To do its job a cleaner, disinfectant or sanitizer needs to have Dwell time. Dwell time gives the liquid time to interact and react with the surface to do its job. Now think of a wet wipe as an applicator that leaves a thin film of liquid evenly distributed across the surface and providing the Dwell time needed to go to work.

Furthermore, another great benefit of using a wipe is the fabric picks up the foreign matter on the surface allowing the sanitizer to be layered over a clean surface This process helps by reducing solvent waste and increasing cost efficiency while being more effective.

You decide on the solution that you add to make surface disinfecting wipes, surface cleaning wipes, Sanitizing wipes, glass and mirror cleaning wipes, hand wipes, baby wipes or even just water to have a fresh towel on the face when you want it – it’s all up to you to decide – you Do it Yourself!