2 Reasons We’re Proud to be a Canadian Business

2 Reasons We’re Proud to be a Canadian Business

2 Reasons We’re Proud to be a Canadian Business

  • On June 29, 2022

There are many things to be proud of as a Canadian. They include the diversity of our cultures, our rich variety of environments, and poutine of course. For individuals and businesses alike, Canada offers a lot in making us feel glad to be Canadian.

That goes the same for us! Having served as one of Canada’s top B2B disinfectant suppliers since 2011, we pride ourselves on partnering with and supporting Canadian businesses in the fight against germs. Giving our customers this peace of mind that what they’re ordering is local and safe is part of why our service is second to none.

This Canada Day, we decided to share two reasons why being a Canadian company is so important to us!

1) Locally sourced products

The health and safety of our customers is our top priority. Our goal is to provide you with reliable and easily accessible means of bringing your surroundings to a new level of disinfection. That’s why we pride ourselves on many of our products being sourced, approved, and supplied solely by Canadian businesses.

This gives our customers peace of mind that the disinfecting products they receive provide the best and safest solution for their needs. Additionally, with these items being locally sourced and distributed, we reduce our carbon footprint by minimizing shipping costs and pollution since these deliveries never leave the country.

Thanks to this, when you’re wiping down your desks with our products, you’ll know you’re receiving only the finest quality the great white north can offer!

2) Supporting Canadian businesses

Our customer service and quality products wouldn’t be what they are today without the businesses we’ve worked with and supported over the last eleven years. Gyms, health clubs, offices, and first responders; they’ve all given us invaluable insight. They let us know what the businesses we serve look like, the challenges they face, and the solutions they’re looking for.

Every item in our store is tailored to our customers’ needs; what kind of business they run, the size of their business, and, most importantly, the health and safety challenges they face. Many of our products are approved by Health Canada. We also offer a selection of environmentally friendly, non-toxic solutions.

To help accomplish this, we partner with local suppliers and manufacturers to provide premium disinfecting solutions from coast to coast. Our hand sanitizer especially is made by a local Canadian distillery and supplied across the country during these times of great need. By encouraging others to shop locally, we’re also supporting the Canadian economy.

Supporting local suppliers across Canada strengthens our relationships with small businesses and the cleaning community. Building this network of support also helps us remember our roots in the Kitchener Waterloo area.

From our products to our customers to the businesses we support, we take pride in our Canadian roots in every branch of our company. For the past eleven years, we’ve ensured that our customers receive only the finest quality of disinfection with the reliability of local, tried, and tested products. Everything we do helps support Canada on small and large scales.

Happy Canada Day!

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