How To Disinfect Indoor Turf – For Our Gym and CrossFit Friends

How To Disinfect Indoor Turf – For Our Gym and CrossFit Friends

How To Disinfect Indoor Turf – For Our Gym and CrossFit Friends

  • On July 21, 2020
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With many people back to working out daily, there is often one surface that is overlooked in gyms and studios when it comes to disinfecting. That surface is, the indoor turf area, that almost all gyms and studios have. Today, we are going to tell you how to clean AND disinfect your indoor turf surface to ensure harmful germs are not being spread.


Step 1: Remove all debris by sweeping or using a flexible, non-metal rake.

Step 2: Vacuum the entire surface.

Step 3: Brush any flattened areas against the grain to ensure the bristles are up.


Step 1: Ensure all debris and other objects have been removed and cleaned off of the entire surface.

Step 2: Use the ULV High Power Fogger and spray the entire surface with disinfectant solution.

Step 3: Use a disinfectant wipe on any equipment that is used on the turf, and enjoy disinfected equipment and turf.


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