5 Exciting Ways You Can Support Local Businesses

5 Exciting Ways You Can Support Local Businesses

5 Exciting Ways You Can Support Local Businesses

  • On March 4, 2022

Why and how to support local? The pandemic has caused a significant impact and financial loss for many businesses, especially small businesses. Our routines have changed immensely on how we visit businesses, causing the public to turn away. However, as a community, they need your help. We understand that trying to find ways to support those small businesses still can be difficult, especially these days, and that’s why Roxton is here to educate.

Any support is appreciated and goes further than you might think. Money can be tight since many of us were unemployed or off-work for a bit. However, the ways below might include purchases; it’s essential to know that there are other ways of supporting for free!

Five Ways to Show Your Support for Local Businesses:

 1. Like/comment/share/tag the business on social media and follow them if you aren’t already to support local

Who doesn’t love a promotion or fun event? Often small businesses will offer special events or promotions on posts to gain more attraction to their page. Support by liking these posts and sharing them to your profile stories, tagging a friend, and commenting on positive things. Especially if you’ve entered the businesses or received a product, this would be a perfect opportunity to share the pic onto your socials.

Predicting that the engagement rates go up can trigger the social platforms’ algorithm to be used at the brand’s fullest potential.

 2. Write an honest and supportive review of their business online to support local

Wouldn’t you want to visit a business with a 5-star rating instead of a 1-star? Boost the business’s credibility by writing a review about the business’s customer service or possibly about a fantastic product you received can help the business appear online as a 5-star business to help drive new customers.

 3. Offer your skills to support local

Local businesses could need your help! Businesses love hearing from lawyers, digital marketing specialists, or bankers about their secret skills or experiences to improve their business in any form. Any little tips could go a long way or lead to something bigger.

 4. Shop now for later (birthdays, gifts, or other future events) to support local

Most people go to businesses intending to purchase something on the spot. However, you can support the business’s bottom line by buying items like gift cards. Gift cards are a great item to purchase because people are now required to spend at that business only, at any time, if the card doesn’t expire. Not only is it suitable for possibly establishing brand loyalty, but also spreading brand awareness.

Gift cards can be purchased as a form of appreciation in a workplace for hard work. In some businesses, it is common for owners/managers to reward the accomplishments of their workers. This could be useful to get the brand’s name out there to individuals who might not be aware of them yet.

 5. Buy merchandise to rep the brand name to support local

Most businesses with quite a bit of foot traffic tend to have branded items like t-shirts, hats, or other accessories to represent their brand. This is an excellent opportunity for the local community to purchase to support by simply wearing the merchandise or, even better, taking photos to upload onto social media to create more brand awareness and a positive brand image.

Since Roxton is hosting a support local campaign, it would be beneficial to speak upon how and why you should support your small local businesses. By supporting local businesses, you care for your community, and you want to give back to all they do

Alone, we are strong, but together we are stronger. Roxton is encouraging you to be a great source of support to local businesses in your local community. We can help save our local businesses through these tough times as a community.

If your small business is located in Canada and is interested in joining our Support Local Campaign, don’t hesitate to contact us via Instagram DM or email us at media@roxtonindustries.com. We would love to hear about your brand and build a relationship with you!

If you are not local to Roxton Industries, that’s okay! Shop local instead!

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