Top 7 Things You Should Be Disinfecting At Your Golf Course

Top 7 Things You Should Be Disinfecting At Your Golf Course

Top 7 Things You Should Be Disinfecting At Your Golf Course

  • On May 20, 2020

With the Golfing Industry beginning to reopen, it is very important that precautions are taken to continue to help reduce the spread of COVID19 and other harmful bacteria. We have created a top five list of things you should be wiping down to help you.

  1. Golf Carts – Golf Carts will be the main piece of equipment you want to ensure are being disinfected right now as many different people will be using the same carts.
  2. Rented Clubs – For golfers who do not have their own set of clubs, it is very important that the clubs you are providing them with have been thoroughly disinfected before AND after they are done using them.
  3. Golf Balls– While this may sound surprising, golf balls should be disinfected before and after play as well. Many people will be touching them throughout their gameplay and it is important that harmful bacteria are not spread like this.
  4. Drinks – All drinks that are served at a course should also be wiped down before given to the customer.
  5. Door handles – All door handles that a customer or employee can come into contact with need to be disinfected several times throughout the day.
  6. Credit Card Pin Pad – This should be disinfected after every single use.
  7. Table Tops and Counter Tops – These should be disinfected at least every hour, if not after every use.

*ALL touchable surfaces should be disinfected before leaving*


If P.P.E. is available, which we recommend, it is important that your staff is using their P.P.E. properly. Masks and face shields should be worn properly if necessary, and hand sanitizer should be used when entering and leaving an area, and whenever else necessary.

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