3 Reasons For Back to School Safety

3 Reasons For Back to School Safety

3 Reasons For Back to School Safety

  • On August 29, 2022
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Many parents are worried about their children heading back to school this year. Germ-swarming hallways and classrooms are quickly cleaned and disinfected by janitorial staff, but only to a certain extent. Most schools lack the equipment and manpower needed to maintain a virus-free environment effectively. Creating a necessity to send your children prepared to have a safe and healthy school year in 2022. 


Won’t Get Sick

  1. Most importantly, you want your kids and family to be safe and protected when they head back to school in September. Creating an immense need for travel-sized safety kits that effectively kill germs and keep students healthy. Protected from getting sick, eliminating any risk of your children bringing the virus home to you and the rest of your family. In addition, many people experience lasting effects of Covid-19 that exceed longer than their sickness. These effects include nerve damage, lung damage resulting in shortness of breath, cognitive problems, and more. Ensure your family stays healthy by keeping the virus out of your home. Provide your children with high-quality safety gear to kill germs from hands and surroundings. At Roxton, we believe parents must send students to school with 80% alcohol-concentrated sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer. These items are safe for children to use and successfully kill 99.9% of germs. Protection is necessary for highly crowded environments such as schools that are extremely vulnerable to experiencing a Covid-19 outbreak. Especially since many children aren’t fully vaccinated, it makes the virus a lot easier to pass around in schools.


Endless Uncertainty

  1. There is no saying how this year will go and if we will be experiencing any more closures shortly. Lockdowns are especially hard on young children completing their schooling online and missing valuable time with their friends. Lack of in-person socializing can leave your children depressed and unmotivated to do school work. Preparing them for the inevitable will keep cases down and hopefully keep your children in school all year. Recently, a new subvariant of Omicron has emerged called Omicron subvariant BA.5. For a while, we will see a continuation of new variants adapting. Making it difficult to predict if Covid-19 will disappear as soon as we all hope. The pandemic has brought uncertain and challenging situations into our lives. We must protect our younger generation, ensuring they understand how to keep themselves safe when they’re out in the world and the importance of doing so.


No More Missed School

  1. Guarantee protection for your children when they’re at school by providing a high-quality Back to School kit that kills germs and is easy to take on the go. Proper protection and safety will help keep your kids healthy and in school for the entire year. Making sure your kids don’t get sick and stay in school will keep them up to date in their studies. Kids have missed so much schooling for the past two years, don’t let that happen this year by preparing them for the inevitable. Your kids will be happy because they can socialize and hang out with their friends at school; your children being happy takes a lot off your plate, so you can focus on providing for your family. Roxton’s Back to School bundle offers students everything they need to kill germs, maintaining a safe environment for themselves and others. Our bundle includes 80% alcohol-concentrated wipes, hand sanitizer, and screen wipes that leave electronic screens spotless and germ-free without residue left over. Surrounded by technology at school, students need our screen wipes specifically designed for cleaning devices. With our Back to School bundle, students will have everything they need to stay safe throughout the year. A bonus is that you won’t ever have to worry about getting sick, missing work, and being unable to get paid for time lost. You and your child will be taken care of, so purchase a Back to School bundle while supplies last! They are only available on our website for a limited time, don’t miss out on this incredible deal.


In conclusion, students have a lot to deal with this year, like missed studies, catching up with friends, and the chance of getting ill with Covid-19. Help your children have a healthy, fun, and safe school year by preparing them with adequate protection available on our website. The more kids know what it takes to keep themselves safe from harmful viruses, the more cases will decrease, and schools can be kept open.