Top Ten Most Bacteria Infested Public Places

Top Ten Most Bacteria Infested Public Places

by Jon Hodge October 02, 2019

Two people standing bare feet in the sand

Is It Healthy To Go Barefoot In Public?

by Jamie Pritchard September 26, 2019

Hands being washed

At the End of the Day, the Battle Ends With YOU!

by Jamie Pritchard September 19, 2019

Restaurant Condiments

You Fight Germs at Home, but what about at Restaurants?

by Jamie Pritchard September 11, 2019

Office Lunchroom

Where Do Germs Hide in your Office's Kitchen/Lunchroom?

by Jamie Pritchard September 04, 2019

Man working in a dirty work environment

Are Unsanitary Workspaces Making your Workers Sick?

by Jamie Pritchard August 21, 2019

Ferris Wheel at Fair

Summertime, Fair Time, Germ Time!

by Jamie Pritchard August 14, 2019

Health and Safety managers

The Control of Germs Should be Part of all Businesses Health and Safety Programs

by Jamie Pritchard August 09, 2019

Kitchen Sink

Soap Doesn't Kill Anything: How to Hand Wash Your Dishes and Spread Fewer Germs!

by Jamie Pritchard August 07, 2019

Paper Towels

Wipes Vs Spray and Paper Towels

by Jamie Pritchard July 31, 2019

Person holding a mouse.

How Many Germs are on YOUR MOUSE?!

by Jamie Pritchard July 27, 2019

Starbucks Drive Thru

National Drive Through Day - July 24

by Jamie Pritchard July 24, 2019