How to Keep Your Home Safe for Just $25!

How to Keep Your Home Safe for Just $25!

How to Keep Your Home Safe for Just $25!

  • On July 28, 2022

Maintaining a clean and germ-free home for your family can be a struggle. You need to know what you’re using is safe, contains no harsh chemicals, and that its ingredients are sustainable or natural. Even if you find the best toolkit for the job, you want to know what you’re using won’t break the bank or result in hours of work to clean your house.

Thankfully, fixing this issue is one of Roxton’s strong suits! We offer products that achieve the highest degree of disinfection without any risk to the user. We put customer satisfaction first and the quality of our solutions provides that, ensuring you can disinfect any surface with ease and in a short time span.

We’ve brought together a selection that is perfect for risk-free housework, keeps your family healthy and safe, and stays within a budget. These items use no harsh chemicals, offer a high-quality clean, and are cost-efficient for the user. These three things make this bundle the most accessible, family-friendly solution for household sanitation.

Here’s our 3-product guide on how to clean your house safely for just 25 bucks.

1.       All Clean Natural All-Purpose Cleaner

To tackle any type of surface in your home, we highly recommend All Clean Natural’s All-Purpose Cleaner to make them spotless. This works on everything from stainless steel to vehicle interiors and provides a quality clean without any harsh chemicals. This spray is made from natural, non-toxic, sustainable ingredients that, along with the bottle, are completely environmentally friendly. All you need to do is shake it, spray it on a surface then wipe it down to get the job done right.

Check out our cleaners here to see how you can keep every surface in your home streak-free and safe at a great price.

2.       Microfibre Multipurpose Cloths

What’s a cleaner though without its cloth? We suggest using a Microfibre Multipurpose Cloth along with the All-Purpose for a winning combination. Their terry-knit construction makes them ideal for dusting, lightly scrubbing, or polishing any hard surface. This also allows them to trap and lift dirt, oils, and water-based liquids that can be hard for other cloths to lift from surfaces.

These are also highly resistant as, even after hundreds of washes, their quality is never ruined which adds to the value you receive. You won’t need to worry about your cloths becoming shreds anytime soon!

3.       DIY Wipes

Unsure if the chemicals or solutions used in regular wipes are safe? Then, get back control over what you use in your home with DIY wipes! These allow you to add any solution or solvent of your own choosing to tackle any kind of cleaning; mosquito repellent, hand sanitizing, glass cleaning, or more! You don’t need to worry about using unnecessary, harsh chemicals in your house with these!

The wipes’ absorbent fabric makes them the ideal choice to remove any foreign matter from a surface which adds to their soft feel, tough design, and improved detergent distribution. This, plus the reduced solvent waste, adds to their cost-efficiency and value.

Check out some recipes we’ve prepared for you that use DIY wipes on our website!

Say goodbye to your worries about keeping your home safe on a budget. These three products are perfect for ensuring a sanitized environment for your family without any risks to their health in the process. Using our guide can help you keep your costs down, improve the quality of your cleaning, and remove the use of harsh chemicals for any surface in your house.

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