About us


After launching the business in September of 2011, the company grew to a national brand providing wipes, dispensing units, health scales, hand driers, foggers, disinfectant and many other related products to tens of thousands of customers across many industries.  Today, we operate internationally with distribution centres in Canada and the USA.


Our team is second to none.  We work hard, play hard and love being the solution provider to our customers.  We are committed to finding ways to say yes to each and every request our customers make.  Our customers are not just clients, they are an extension of our brand.  As a team, we are dedicated to development, agility and personal growth.  We know that if we are not having fun working every day, then we are doing it wrong.


We know what customers need.  Schools, daycares, call centres, gyms, offices, hotels and every other customer category we service can find solutions in what we offer.  Every item we carry is designed with the customer solution in mind.


Maintaining the agility of a small company with the sophistication of a large corporation is key to our continued growth.  We maintain the ability to make decisions quickly, find custom solutions for our customers and respond to requests quickly and efficiently.  However, our business process is all about internal efficiency, significant use and investment in technology, low overhead and bulk sourcing of product.  This allows us to provide high quality products in an efficient manner, all while remaining agile in our approach.

Our mission is to supply businesses with the means to adhere to a high level of disinfection and germ control in their workplace. We take pride in offering businesses access to a wide variety of disinfection/germ control solutions, and will always pivot to ensure a customers needs are met. We believe supplementing our products by educating businesses on the importance of germ control in the workplace.