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Roxton carries various types of dispensers for the different categories of products. The dispensers keep the product at the ready and convenient to use.

Wipe Dispensers

Wipes are only as good as they are wet, the moment they dry out they have become large paperweights. Apart from the obvious convenience and visual appeal of using wipe dispensers, they are also functional due to their ability to prolong the usability of the wipes by minimizing the environmental influence placed on the wipes through sunlight, airflow and evaporation.

Our wipes come as bulk roll refills that offer you convenience and a better value. We have dispensers to fit your every need starting with a  luxurious stainless steel floor standing dispenser that offers a convenient top pull design with a hidden stainless trash receptacle to dispose of the used wipes. We carry a smoked plastic top pull wall mount unit that you can mount on most surfaces. It is a locking unit for usage in areas that you may have concerns of your rolls, ! Lastly we have a durable refillable bucket dispenser with a plastic closable dispenser cap to keep wipes moist when not in use.

Soap / Cleanser Dispensers

In soap / cleanser dispensers we have a plastic wall mount unit that will hold our prefilled 1000 ml bags of foaming hand soap or cleanser. This is a manual hand pump dispenser which delivers a precise amount of soap or sanitizer to do the job. This unit utilizes the nozzle built into the bag cartridges to give a clean fresh presentation every time.

Alcohol Dispensers

Our alcohol dispensers are designed to dispense the liquid sanitizer that we offer with various sizes of jugs to refill the dispenser as needed. These automatic dispensers produce an adjustable fine spray mist of alcohol sanitizer into your hand when you position your hand at the right location for the sensor to activate the sprayer. This touchless system is one of our best selling dispensers.

We also offer a floor stand that is designed to hold the wall mount dispensers so you can move them to different areas easily so you have protection where it is most needed.

If you are looking for wipes, soap, sanitizer or cleanser dispensers, we have a solution for you. We have several options to cater to the design needs of the space you are looking to disinfect.

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