Non Alcohol Water-less Foaming Hand Cleanser (4x1000ml) with Dispenser


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Roxton Foaming Hand Cleanser is a non alcohol hand cleanser that does not disrupt the natural integrity of the skin. Foaming Hand Cleanser formulated  Benzalkonium Chloride solution dries fast, but 10-15 seconds slower than alcohol-based hand sanitizers allowing a deeper clean.

Roxton foam sealed pouches prevent contamination and provide a new pump with every refill, thereby eliminating clogs and drips.

1785 pumps per foam cartridge!

Dispenser accepts Roxton Non Alcohol Foaming Hand Cleanser contains 4x1000ml Refills!

Roxton Foam Dispenser

Roxton Foam Dispensers are easy to mount, easy to load and dispense the precise measured amount of foam. These stylish dispensers will be a perfect addition to any facility!

Roxton Foam Dispensers one pump foam solution provides up to three times the washings versus lotion. Each dispenser can be fitted with your choice of refills.

  •  Fast drying, stable foam that acts in 15 seconds.
  •  Non-alcoholic, non-flammable formula safe for use in all environments from daycares to rehabilitation centers to old age homes.
  • Non-sticky, non-drying formula with moisturizers and conditioners that leaves hands soft, refreshed and with a silky after feel unlike alcohol that can leave hands red, rough, and cracked.
  • Greater sustained activity than alcohol gels on repeated use.
  • Free of fragrance, silicone and polymers
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