Metal Wire Canister Holder
Metal Wire Canister Holder

Metal Wire Canister Holder


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SKU: 12013 Category: Dispensers and Air Dryers Brand: Roxton Industries

Wire Canister Holder Product Information:

The sturdy wire canister holder is specially designed to securely hold canisters of Roxton disinfectant wipes, screen wipes, and one-step wipes conveniently for ease of use and easy access.

The sturdy design and light weight allow it to be placed anywhere around your workplace and on any flat surface. Perfect for any desk area with lots of electronic equipment or in areas with many germ touch-points like boardrooms or kitchens. This allows for easy and convenient access to these wipes in any area of your building.

The small size also allows it to be placed in a cupboard or on a shelf if your area has limited storage space.

Keeps your canisters of Roxton Wipes at your fingertips.

(Wipes not included)

(Mounting hardware not included)

Weight 1.9995927180168 lbs
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