Are Your Kids Ready For Back To School?

All you need to send your kids back to school safely

Roxton’s Back To School Bundle is perfect for keeping students safe from their schools’ crowded classrooms and hallways. 


The bundle contains all-around protection, including disposable masks, hand sanitizer, and wipes. For a limited time, only available on our website from August 15th until September 4th.


Personal Hand Sanitizer (100mL)- Having a high quality sanitizer with 80% alcohol concentration on-hand will continue to keep students safe even if they don’t have access to soap and water. Our hand sanitizer effectively kills germs from hands and comes in a conveniently sized spray bottle that distributes liquid evenly and doesn’t spray too much at a time.


Screen Wipes (1 Canister 200 Wipes)- Screen wipes are highly effective for wiping dust and debris off of devices. Leaving screens spotless without any residue or streaks left behind.


Individually Wrapped Sanitizing Wipes (100 Pack)- Pre-saturated in 80% alcohol concentration, these wipes are perfect for eliminating germs from surfaces. Students can take these wipes with them to use before eating with their hands at lunchtime, after coming back from recess, to keep their school supplies or desk clean, and much more.

Take advantage of this incredible deal while you can!


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