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Disinfectant, Foggers and Sprayers

You have probably seen images of people, usually wearing Personal Protection Equipment with some kind of a handheld or backpack unit that is dispersing a mist directly onto major touch-point surfaces in medical offices, restaurants, office settings, classrooms, and homes. This process is called fogging which is simply the process of taking a disinfectant in liquid form and converting it into minute droplets to kill germs, viruses, and bacteria on surfaces and in hard-to-reach areas.

We offer a wide variety of this product. They are suitable for several different kinds of environments and workplaces; those that have many electronic devices, warehouses with hard-to-reach crevices, and even offices with tons of furniture. We have a fogger for any area.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

PPE is an acronym that you’ve likely heard a lot of particularly in terms of  items used for and by medical professionals, first responders, and many others. It stands for personal protective equipment, and it’s one crucial way to both stop the spread of germs and bacteria.

Disinfecting Wipes

At Roxton, we know disinfecting wipes well and combine all of the components to produce commercial grade products that exceeds the offerings of the grocery and department stores. To build and to use a wipe you must conceptualize what the purpose of a wipe is and how they work. To kill germs, viruses, and bacteria the disinfectant must come in contact with them for a specified amount of time which is known as the contact time. It is for this reason you need to think of a wipe as more of an applicator and not something that is picking up the germs, viruses, and bacteria.

The wipe, as it is passed over the surface, leaves this wet layer of disinfectant as it goes and needs to be left to dry naturally giving that dwell time to kill the intended targets. It is for this reason wipes do a better job than using a spray with a cloth or paper towels as these will remove disinfectant after it has been applied with the spray bottle. Furthermore, the wipe removes the soiling that is on the surface in the initial wiping to allow the disinfectant solution to do its job, this “two birds with one stone” approach ensures that wiping is less labour intensive and more effective than spray and cloth approaches.

Antimicrobial Solutions

Protect 90™ antimicrobial protection products makes surfaces easier to clean and protects them.


Roxton carries various types of dispensers for the different categories of products. The dispensers keep the product at the ready and convenient to use.

DIY Wipes

Roxton has been in the cleaning supplies business for over ten years. There has always been a market for DIY products in many industries and we are proud to lead the charge in making DIY disinfection easier with a growing line of do-it-yourself cleaning and disinfecting items!

Roxton Do it Yourself DIY wipes offer you the flexibility to create your own unique product. Ever wonder what’s in surface cleaners or hand wipes? Take back control over what you put on your skin or use in your home with our Roxton DIY hand or surface wipes.

Soaps, Cleaners, Cleansers and Sanitizers 

Roxton Soaps feature a precise selection of formulas in efficient dispensing systems to meet your needs. Roxton Foaming Soap products are formulated to provide a thick, pleasing, luxurious foam while using substantially less soap per hand wash than in lotion alternatives.

To learn more about Roxton Industries or how to reach us about our products, check us out here

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