The Teachers’ Guide to Keeping The Class of 2022 Healthy!

The Teachers’ Guide to Keeping The Class of 2022 Healthy!

The Teachers’ Guide to Keeping The Class of 2022 Healthy!

  • On August 4, 2022

Whether the class is online or off, teachers have a lot of responsibilities toward their students. They need to ensure every lesson engages them, that they’re learning at a good pace, and, most importantly, they’re kept safe. In a physical classroom, the latter is their number one priority.

With children in and out of their classroom six or seven times a day, teachers need to make sure all of them are healthy and safe. Their first step is reducing or preventing the spread of germs. Here, their challenges range from cleaning classrooms between lessons, ensuring germs don’t spread in from outside, and that both these tasks are done in quick time spans. Maintaining a healthy school environment in 2022 can be overwhelming for teachers. Thankfully, it doesn’t need to be.

Here’s our 5-step guide for teachers to keep class safe this year!

1.        ULV Fogger

Think about every nook and cranny in your classrooms that may get ignored by a simple wipe down. Then, think about how easy it would be to disinfect them with a ULV Fogger. Foggers spray a harmless sanitizing mist that kills germs on any surface. Adding to its range of 15 feet, it does the job of traditional cleaning in a fraction of the time. Thus, you can ensure the entire classroom is disinfected for the incoming batch of students with time to spare.

2.        Disinfecting Wipes

Door handles, chairs, and desks. These, and many more, are high touch-points children use a lot throughout the day. For an efficient and thorough clean of these objects, we recommend our disinfecting wipes. Saturated with a powerful solution, they stay absorbent enough to capture dirt, oils, and germs on any hard surface in the classroom. No harmful chemicals or scents are used either which keeps your students safe once the surfaces are dry.

3.        Wall-Mounted / Stainless Steel Dispensers

What pairs best with wipes this year? None other but their dispensers. Dispensers can be mounted on a wall or tucked in a corner on the floor. The wall-mounted dispensers’ no-touch design allows for easy retrieval of disinfecting wipes from the roll inside. Meanwhile, floor-standing dispensers serve a double purpose with no-touch retrieval and a built-in disposal unit for used wipes. As a bonus, both dispensers’ sleek and sophisticated appearance makes them the ideal décor for any space.

4.        N95 and 3 Ply Masks

Just as important post-pandemic as they were during the pandemic, protective masks should be a safety centerpiece in the classroom. We recommend using N95 and 3 Ply masks for students and teachers. The N95’s welded strap attachment and lightweight construction allow for the highest possible protection in masks against germs or harmful bacteria. On the other side of the coin, 3 Ply masks offer the best in comfort and convenience for any wearer with their adjustability, soft-lined material, and latex-free design.

5.        Hand Sanitizer / Dispensers

To close things off, hand sanitizer has been made standard these past few years in terms of health and safety. When students enter the classroom anytime in the day, germs from outside can easily be transferred inside. That’s why using a pump or automatic hand sanitizer at the classroom doors is a practice we highly encourage. The alcohol-based solution and easy access offered by our dispensers allow for simple and effective disinfection for students and teachers as an everyday protocol.  It’s also approved by Health Canada so rest assured your students are receiving the best in personal protection.

Worried about hand sanitizer drying out students’ hands? If so, substitute it with our foaming hand wash for the same sanitizing quality without the risk of skin irritation!

Being a teacher for any class or age of students can be a struggle at times. Don’t let maintaining their health and safety be another! With our guide, you can ensure going back to school in 2022 leads to a clean and healthy future! Our recommendations in this guide can help you reduce and prevent the spread of germs through high touchpoints, from outside, and ensure both these tasks are accomplished in quick succession!

Let’s make September safe!

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