3 Steps to Market a Clean Rental Unit

3 Steps to Market a Clean Rental Unit

3 Steps to Market a Clean Rental Unit

  • On July 21, 2022

Are you planning on subletting soon? Maybe you’re setting up your apartment for an Airbnb? When you’re preparing a rental unit, first impressions matter. More importantly though, a tidy impression matters!  

Coming out of the pandemic, disinfection and cleanliness are some of the major factors in picking out an Airbnb or rental unit. With a few glimpses of it online, a potential renter should know the level of sanitation you practice and thus, whether it seems like a safe place to stay at.

Showing a clean rental unit will show you care about their safety, will build your trust as a subletter, and could even let you charge a higher rate for the quality of your space. Sending the wrong message with this, however, might drive renters away instead. Fortunately, we’re here to help you achieve the former!

Here’s our three-step guide on how to make your unit sparkle for tenants!

1)    Cut the Clutter!

Does your Airbnb have beautiful marble countertops or polished hardwood floors that you want your renters to see? Then you may want to clear everything blocking them from view.

Getting rid of any garbage, debris, or junk lying around your rental unit is the best first step in impressing renters. Having everything kept in order conveys an organized, cared-for space and that the appliances in said space are well-maintained. Having a unit filled with clutter or debris on the other hand gives the impression those areas have been ignored and uncleaned.

2)    Show your Cleaning Toolkit!

What cleaning supplies do you use to disinfect your rental unit? Do you stay stocked up on cases of disinfecting wipes? Do you have a lineup of spray cleaners for every surface in your unit? Whatever you clean with, let it show in your photos!

When you take pictures of your rental unit, place the disinfecting products you use in specific areas like on your kitchen countertops or neatly arranged in your cabinet. These being visible in photos will better convey that you care about protecting your place from germs and that you keep a healthy stock of the required cleaning products. This way, the renter will know you take the necessary effort to maintain your unit which will make them feel safer and more inclined to take up residency!

Unsure of what products to use? We can help with that too!

To ensure every surface is properly cleaned in your unit, we’d recommend All Clean Natural’s spray cleaners to get the job done. These are eco-friendly, use only natural, sustainable ingredients, and clean your space without any toxic chemicals which will give renters a sense of comfort and safety. All-Purpose Cleaner can be used on generally any surface (floors, counters, tables, etc.) while Heavy Duty Degreaser and Bathroom Cleaner are best suited for sanitizing the kitchen and bathroom respectively.

Additionally, if your rental unit has high ceilings, hard-to-reach corners, or cramped spaces like a boiler area, we recommend a fogger that sprays disinfectant mist within a range of 15 feet. We suggest this for assuring your guests of a thorough and fast clean. These also are a great recommendation for carpets, fabrics, and other surfaces that can be cleaned with water-based products.

3)    Post Pandemic Reviews Post-Pandemic!

During the Covid-19 pandemic, disinfection and cleanliness were of the utmost importance, especially if you were staying at an Airbnb or a sublet. With it being just as important post-pandemic, showing potential tenants what people thought of your space in the years prior is a sound idea.

Displaying positive reviews of your rental unit can give people a better idea of the quality of your space’s disinfection since those who left reviews stayed there themselves. Showing off testimonials with positive feedback on your maintenance and level of care can reinforce trust in the reader with both an objective and subjective view of your cleaning practices. This, in turn, will help your reputation and trust as a subletter grow!

No matter how big your unit is or its price, disinfection and maintenance are still key factors in a renter’s decision. Whether it’s an open house tour or photos online, following the three steps we’ve listed above will make a great first impression. What we’ve discussed will help build trust with your potential tenants, make them feel safer staying at your unit, and let you charge a higher rate for the quality of your care.

Happy housekeeping!

Want more suggestions for keeping your unit disinfected?

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