Why a Fogger Makes the Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Why a Fogger Makes the Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Why a Fogger Makes the Perfect Father’s Day Gift

  • On June 1, 2022

Dads have a lot on their plates. They take care of you and your family, help put a roof over your head, food on the table, and germs under control. This can take a lot of effort and stress them out. Fortunately, you can help relieve some of it! Show your Dad your appreciation this Father’s Day with a Roxton fogger to relieve his stress and cut his cleaning time in half! 

Thanks to its design and functionality, a fogger can do in minutes what spray and paper towels can do in hours. Our foggers easily spray disinfectant over surfaces, with a reach of 15 feet, so Dads and business owners alike can keep their business in top shape in just a few moments. It also saves your Dad effort from physically-intensive cleaning which leaves him more time and energy to focus on growing his business or caring for his family! 

Don’t know what your Dad wants from something like this? We can help with that too! At Roxton, we sell five models of disinfecting foggers, each with a different but effective approach that accommodates any room size or surface type.  See which one would be the perfect fit for your Dad this Father’s Day! 

Roxton’s Cold ULV Fogger: 

This is the perfect choice for a building or home in the range of medium to large! Our Cold ULV Fogger’s lightweight and compact design is great for storage, reinforced by super easy usability. Best if your Dad wants to save closet space! 

Deluxe Cold ULV Fogger:

The Deluxe Fogger has a precise nozzle that can disinfect the cracks and crevices that are the hardest to reach. This model’s also ideal for any place with a lot of ground to cover or requires a lot of disinfection daily. The Deluxe ULV Fogger is your best option for places with crawl spaces or tough-to-get-to areas. 

Heavy Duty Cold ULV Fogger:

This fogger is the best option for large areas like a warehouse or gym thanks to its large tank size and enhanced spraying reach. The Heavy Duty ULV stands above all the others in its features, quality, and disinfecting power, making it a formidable force that Roxton offers. Germs would be smart not to mess with it. 

Nano Atomizer Thermal Dry Fogger:

The Nano Atomizer Thermal Dry Fogger is perfect for a quick-dry cleaning solution. It heats the liquid disinfectant and, upon release, the liquid is instantly dried onto surfaces. This has given the Nano Atomizer the honor of being the perfect cleaning solution for any office space or car that needs a fast, efficient, and dry cleaning technique without residue. Your Dad can clean without a trace with this.  

The Dry Fogger is also the best option if your home or business is big on tech and you don’t want to risk damaging your electronics.  It’s safe for anything from keyboards to phones. 

ULV Fogger:

When it comes to large areas with a lot of surfaces like tables, chairs, washrooms, and equipment, the ULV’s the ticket. This fogger’s a perfect solution for disinfecting large workspaces, rooms, or offices packed with furniture, so every surface is ensured to be germ-free. 

Overall, by giving your Dad a fogger for Father’s Day, he can spend fewer hours with a spray bottle. Our range of foggers saves time and energy in disinfecting any home, office, or home office, reducing the hassle of manual cleaning. Now, your dad can keep you and your family safe and keep the house in order stress-free without spending so much on paper towels each month. 


Happy Father’s Day, everybody! 

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