3 Easy Warehouse Tips for Complete Disinfection

3 Easy Warehouse Tips for Complete Disinfection

3 Easy Warehouse Tips for Complete Disinfection

  • On June 8, 2022
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At Roxton Industries, the cleanliness of our warehouse is essential for maintaining a healthy environment where our employees and delivery workers can feel comfortable doing their job. 

Because of this, we concern ourselves with three crucial procedures that ensure the safety of our warehouse and those who work in it. These include disinfecting using wipes and foggers as well as staying stocked up on disinfectant products. Following these three practices has helped us eliminate the chances of a shutdown occurring at our business. Check out their benefits and how they could help improve the well-being of your warehouse! 


Table of Contents

  1. Disinfecting with Roxton Wipes
  2. Disinfecting with Foggers to Save Businesses Resources
  3. Remain Stocked on Products

In your Warehouse…

Firstly, we wipe any high touch point surfaces in our warehouse with a disinfecting wipe. Roxton wipes kill human coronavirus and 99.9% of germs on surfaces. This reason makes Roxton wipes an ideal choice for keeping any business and industrial area safe from the spread of harmful and contagious viruses.

We disinfect all high touch point surfaces twice a day in our warehouse, including light switches, handles, box cutters, and anything else our staff come into contact with or use frequently. Disinfecting these surfaces twice daily reduces the risk of germ transmission for our workers. This procedure has played a major role in keeping our business Covid-free throughout the pandemic.


  • Save Businesses Resources with Foggers

Besides that, we disinfect our warehouse twice weekly using our disinfecting foggers. Foggers are incredibly effective for disinfectingFogging the Warehouse warehouses, especially ULV models, including Roxton ULV, Deluxe ULV, and Heavy Duty ULV. These foggers disinfect medium to large spaces so it’s perfect for a warehouse.

When disinfecting with a fogger, we need to fill it up, turn it on, and spray the disinfectant over the desired areas. Then, leave it for a minute until the liquid dries. Foggers are essential for disinfecting hard-to-reach areas, cracks, and crevices that would have otherwise been missed by disinfecting manually.

Applying simple but effective methods of disinfecting your business makes it easier for your employees to follow and maintain the cleanliness of your warehouse.


Finally, it is vital to stay stocked up on all disinfecting, cleaning, and PPE products needed to get the job done. We’ve implemented a subscription service because you often get caught up in your day-to-day tasks and forget to purchase your next order. Then, run out of disinfectants for your business. Call or email us to sign up for a subscription and eliminate the hassle of running out of products for your warehouse and business.

To do that, visit our Contact Page here or get in touch with us directly at info@roxtonindustries.com or 855-348-9473.

Rather than run out of products next time you know you will need more, let us know the frequency you would like your products delivered. We will complete those orders automatically for you, so you don’t have to. With this implemented, you can instead focus on providing a remarkable experience to your customers in an environment safe from viruses and germs.

Overall, a clean warehouse can result in a positive and safe environment for all employees and visitors. Maintaining the cleanliness of this area can also reduce the risk of Covid exposure and a shutdown occurring in your business. Business owners need to adopt or keep their disinfecting procedures with wipes and a fogger while staying stocked up on disinfectants to keep their warehouses free from any harmful germs and viruses.


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