Roxton Screen Wipes (200 ct) Case 6 x 200

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Roxton Screen Wipes (200 ct) Case 6 x 200

Roxton Screen Wipes Product Information:

Roxton Screen Wipes are a premium product and perfect choice for cleaning any and all electronic screens. These can be used for and are safe for cell phones, tablets, computers, and any other touch screen displays.

These anti-static wipes will help to reduce debris build-up on any screen surface, making it an effective and easily-disposable cleaning tool. These are the idea wipes to have in an office workspace or any area that is tech-heavy.

These large 17cm x 17cm wipes come in canisters of 200 wipes and are perfect for any size of office or facility. This makes it convenient for being placed on a desk or on a coffee table in your workplace for easy access.

These screen wipes are essential in any type of workplace including restaurants and warehouses that use mobile devices to track orders. Since phones can become germ hotspots due to frequent use by you and other workers, these products are ideal to have in order to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

Screen Wipes Product Specifications:

  • Safe for use on any touchscreen or electronic device
  • Anti-static
  • Reduces debris buildup on any screen
  • Alcohol-free
  • Each canister holds 200 screen wipes
  • 17cm by 17cm
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