Germ-Infested Places in Offices That Might Surprise You

Germ-Infested Places in Offices That Might Surprise You

Germ-Infested Places in Offices That Might Surprise You

  • On April 20, 2022
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Germs are finding places to hide as offices are becoming crowded and employees are heading back to in-person work full-time. Right now, it’s essential to keep in mind that the more people are in the building, the more crucial it is to maintain a continuous and thorough disinfecting routine to keep them safe.

Learn about the five most germ-infested types of surfaces you should watch out for in the office and what you can do to help keep yourself and those around you protected from harmful germs and viruses.


5 Areas to Clean in an Office

Table of Contents

  1. Handles
  2. Tables/ Countertops
  3. Laptops/ Computers
  4. Buttons
  5. Office Phone

Germs on Handles

Firstly, handles are high touch point surfaces that often get used more than they are cleaned. Examples of handles in the office can include the front door, fridge door, watercooler, drawers, faucets like the bathroom or kitchen sink, and much more.

You can disinfect handles by going over the surface with a disinfecting wipe. In addition, a sufficient amount of dwell time (1 minute) needs to occur to ensure the disinfectant is interacting with the surface and removing any germs or viruses from that surface.

Germs on Tables/Countertops

Next, table surfaces are another high touch point surface in the office that gets looked past. Imagine all the things and hands that are placed on these surfaces. High touched surfaces like desks, kitchen, and washroom countertops, are extremely important to disinfect. You can do this by going over the surface with a disinfecting wipe or fogger/sprayer. You need to disinfect these surfaces daily, especially if employees share their desk space with others.

Germs on Laptops/Computers

Thirdly, laptops and computers get incredibly germy in the office as most people type on their keyboards all day long. Imagine all the food and liquids that hiding in your keyboard keys. Disinfect the surface consistently using a disinfecting wipe, and use a screen wipe to remove any dirt from your screen’s surface.

Also, ensure to wash your hands or apply hand sanitizer before and after eating. You don’t want germs from your hands on your keyboard transferred to your mouth and food.

Germs on Buttons

Then, another high touch point surface included in office buildings is buttons. Many variations of buttons exist, including elevator buttons, buttons on the coffee, printer, and fax machines. Many employees use these surfaces constantly, but no one ever thinks about how often those surfaces are disinfected and the quality of the disinfectant used.

Consequently, harmful germs and viruses can quickly spread throughout the area, making it imperative to stay cautious of what you’re touching and what you’re using. Consider using premium disinfectant wipes that Health Canada authorizes to kill Human Coronavirus – the virus that causes Covid-19 to disinfect those surfaces.

Germs on the Office Phone

Finally, a highly infested object with bacteria and germs is the office phone. When multiple employees use the same phones, they can become a hub for germs. When used, employees have their hands all over it, usually pressed against their cheek and ear. This is why it’s crucial to disinfect the office phone between people using a disinfecting wipe.

Overall, it’s vital to consistently disinfect the office to ensure both employees and clients can feel safe and comfortable in their working environment. Roxton Industries encourages you to use a premium disinfecting wipe or fogger to eliminate germs and viruses from surfaces throughout the office.

With this, Roxton wants to stress that sanitizing after every touching any surface or object, to sanitize your hands preferably with a sanitizer that contains 80% or higher of alcohol and if sanitizer is inaccessible, then wash your hands well with foam soap. Be cautious of these five types of surfaces and what you can do to stop the spread.